Antioch School Officials Agree to Groundbreaking Collaboration to Address NAACP East County Branch Complaint of Civil Rights Violations in Schools

Officials of the Antioch Unified School District (AUSD) have announced a groundbreaking effort to identify the causes of disparities in school discipline by examining the subtle, complex, and often unintentional ways in which race, disability and discipline intersect. “When the civil rights advocacy organizations raised concerns, our leadership team made a strategic decision to shift […]
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ACLU Calls on the Senate to Reject Radical Proposal to Subvert Long-Established Constitutional Guarantees of Citizenship at Birth

The ACLU this morning called on the U.S. Senate to reject a radical amendment that would subvert long-established constitutional guarantees of citizenship at birth. .@DavidVitter insisting on fl vote on his amendt to elim birth citizenship. @ACLU urges Sen to reject radical amend. — Joanne Lin (@JoanneLinDC) March 11, 2015 Senator Vitter (R-LA) has […]
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Video: Eva Paterson Profile in California Lawyer

EJS President Eva Paterson spoke with attorney Paul Henderson, the deputy chief of staff, public safety, for the mayor of San Francisco, about her career, affirmative action, the death penalty, and the nature of implicit bias. The video of the interview (above and excerpts) was published on


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