This Week in White Supremacy #125: Navajo Nation faces ‘Enormous Devastation’ from Coronavirus, says former Gov. Richardson​​​

Even as some states begin the process of reopening their economies, Native American tribes are dealing with disproportionate challenges during the pandemic. The Navajo Nation, in particular, has suffered greatly. Richardson described “enormous devastation” from the coronavirus, and said that the extraordinary difficulties stem from being overlooked by state and federal government, the lack of infrastructure, and demographic issues.

“Forty percent of all families in the Navajo Nation in four states, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, don’t have running water at all,” Richardson said. “We neglect this community. As a nation we always have.”


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  1. Senator Mazie Hirono on Twitter: “A judge who likens the racist, years-long incarceration of 120k Japanese American men, women, and children behind barbed wire and under armed guard during WWII to a public safety measure during this pandemic is not only outrageous, but disgusting.” / Twitter
  2. Communist Shakespeare on Twitter: “The Navajo Nation is the size of IRELAND and only has 13 grocery stores.” / Twitter
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  4. Coronavirus has been devastating to the Navajo Nation, and help for complex fight has been slow – The Washington Post
  5. Wajahat “Social Distance Yourself” Ali on Twitter: “People are giving Ivanka Trump a pass for tweeting about taking the “Red Pill” claiming she doesn’t even know what it means. Maybe. Then again, why doesn’t she know she’s celebrating a meme that came from extremist white nationalist circles that hate women and Jews?” / Twitter
  6. Men in CA continue to be held alone in cells 23 hours a day
  7. chris evans on Twitter: “I am disgusted. [photo]
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  12. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Leave it to Alabama. During global pandemic, Alabama is increasing its prison population. This is a state where African Americans comprise over 50% of its prison population.” / Twitter

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