Chris Bridges

Program Manager, National Implicit Bias Network

Chris Bridges is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law. He also holds an MS in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University and a BS in Political Science and BA in Criminal Justice, both from North Carolina Central University.

Chris began his legal career in 2012 with the ACLU of Northern California as the Racial Justice Project Fellow, where he worked on school to prison pipeline issues as a member of the Education Equity team.

Chris began his work at the Equal Justice Society in Oakland as the Butler Koshland Fellow and was later hired full-time to focus his advocacy on school discipline and education issues as well as inequities within the criminal justice system. To aid in these efforts, Chris is using social science, structural analysis, and real life experiences to help broaden conceptions of present-day discrimination to include implicit bias.

As the lead implicit bias trainer for the Equal Justice Society, Chris has presented over 60 implicit bias trainings across the country to a variety of audiences including, lawyers, state and federal judges, parents, teachers, community organizations, mediators, medical professionals, construction workers, and more.

Chris’s focus on the intersectionality of various mind sciences including implicit and explicit biases help ground his social and racial justice advocacy efforts to combat inequity.