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4th Circuit Decision: Implicit Bias a More Probable Cause of Discrimination Today

By Mona Tawatao A decision issued last week by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals included a groundbreaking acknowledgment that modern-day discrimination is more likely caused by “nuanced decisions” and implicit bias. In Woods v. City of Greensboro, the court reinforced established precedent that says that just because plaintiffs claiming race discrimination were treated favorably […]
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Is the private sector paying more attention to implicit bias in the workplace?

Guest post by Justin Rico Oyola Actress Geena Davis was recently interviewed by Mckinsey & Company on Gender bias without borders, a recent report by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. In the article she conveys to the top global management consultancy how male dominated roles in the boardroom and in media dramatically […]
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Full House Sees Community Screening of SELMA, Sponsored by, Black Googlers Network, YMCA of San Francisco

Charles Ward authors this guest post. Charles is the Chief Development Officer at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. EJS held our 2014 ‘Civil Rights at 50’ event at YBCA and Charles was instrumental in making that happen. He also looped EJS into this fantastic community screening of SELMA last night at the Castro Theatre […]
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