Virtual Black Wall Street – West

As part of our observance last Monday of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, we wanted to highlight local Black businesses and to pay homage to the flourishing Black Wall Street that existed in Tulsa prior to the white instigated violence that led to the massacre. Visit Black Wall Street and the Greenwood neighborhood ofContinue reading “Virtual Black Wall Street – West”

Issue 3: Voter Empowerment and Education Newsletter

Trump Demands ‘These Votes Must Not Count’ After Polling Place Opens in Black Community in Lancaster, Calif. Here’s the election and voter protection news that has been front and center for us: COVID-19 Silenced Voters of Color in Wisconsin – The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Jared Kushner Non-Committal When AskedContinue reading “Issue 3: Voter Empowerment and Education Newsletter”

Affirmative Action – Part of the Strategy for Dismantling Structural Racism?

Last week, we asked for your opinions regarding the impact of Affirmative Action policies on structural racism. Your perspectives enriched our understanding of these issues and we wanted to share some of our favorites below. I am a child of Affirmative Action. My inner city school did not send students to Northwestern. I was blessedContinue reading “Affirmative Action – Part of the Strategy for Dismantling Structural Racism?”