Opportunities with EJS



EJS has one to two law clerk positions available for Summer 2020 at our office in Oakland (1939 Harrison St. Suite 818, Oakland, CA 94612). EJS is looking for part-time or full-time law clerks to take on legal research, writing, and analysis in the areas of civil rights and racial justice. Law clerk duties may also include assisting with training preparation, client and community meetings, or other field-related work. The positions are open to law students who have completed at least their first year of law school. For more information, please visit http://www.equaljusticesociety.org or email jobs@equaljusticesociety.org.

The Equal Justice Society (“EJS”) is transforming the nation’s consciousness on race through law, social science, and the arts. A national legal organization focused on restoring constitutional safeguards against discrimination, EJS’s goal is to help achieve a society where race is no longer a barrier to opportunity. Specifically, EJS is working to fully restore the constitutional protections of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause, which guarantees all citizens receive equal treatment under the law. We use a three-pronged approach to accomplish these goals, combining litigation and other legal advocacy, outreach and coalition building, and education through effective messaging and communication strategies.

Our legal strategy aims to broaden conceptions of present-day discrimination to include unconscious and structural bias by using cognitive science, structural analysis, and real-life experience. EJS targets its advocacy efforts on school discipline, special education, the school-to-prison pipeline, white supremacy, and inequities in the criminal justice system.

Location: Oakland, California

Compensation: Applicants must first seek funding through their law school internship or field placement programs, scholarships, or another third-party source. EJS will provide supplemental funding such that a clerk’s total compensation is at a rate commensurate to $7,700 for a full-time schedule (35 hrs./week) for 10 weeks.

Rolling Deadline: EJS will review law clerk applications and will hire on a rolling basis until the positions are filled or March 31, 2020, whichever is earlier. Early application is highly recommended, but 1L students should comply with their law school’s guidelines for when they may apply for summer positions.

Application: Please email (1) cover letter, (2) resume, (3) writing sample (a legal memorandum that is no more than 20 pages), and (4) a list of three references to jobs@equaljusticesociety.org with “Summer 2020 Law Clerk Application” in the subject line.

EJS is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from all qualified individuals including women, people of color, persons with disabilities, religious minorities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.


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