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This Week in White Supremacy #108: Bernice King: ‘Racism is not mere disagreement. It is economic, systemic and power-hungry.’

Bernice King on Twitter: “Racism is not mere disagreement. It places Black children in a pipeline to prison, demonizes unarmed Black men for ‘being murdered,’ and cages Brown people who are seeking asylum. It is economic, systemic and power-hungry. It is beyond time to exorcise this demon out of America.” THE GOOD NEWS FIRST: […]
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Round-up: Eva Paterson on KQED Forum + Thursday Impeachment Vigils + Saturday Women’s March

In this round-up of news and announcements: Eva Paterson on KQED Forum on January 20, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day This Saturday: 2020 Women’s March on Washington Nationwide Vigils for a Fair Impeachment Trial – Likely Thursday Review of ‘The War Before the War: Fugitive Slaves and the Struggle for America’s Soul from the Revolution […]
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This Week in White Supremacy #107: White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

The New York Times – If any group remains singularly loyal to Mr. Trump, it is the small but impassioned number of white voters on the far right, often in rural communities like Golden Valley, who extol him as a cultural champion reclaiming the country from undeserving outsiders. These voters don’t passively tolerate Mr. Trump’s […]
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Servicemen sing Amazing Grace. We must stop this war.

We seem to be at war. Americans are under attack because of our misguided President. I am from a military family and this makes me cry. In an editorial posted this morning, The Nation says “We are not on the brink of war; we are already at war. What matters now is ending it—as quickly as possible.” […]
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