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Sara Jackson in Story on UC Tuition Hike Impact on Diversity

With more drastic tuition hikes on the horizon, some students of color fear their communities will be hardest hit. story by Lindsey Freeland includes interview with Equal Justice Society staff attorney Sara Jackson.

White Fraternity Students Hold Racist Party in ‘Honor’ of Black History Month

This was written by D’Artagnan Scorza, the Director of the Social Justice Learning Institute. African American students at UC San Diego were shocked and demoralized by a “Compton Cookout” that took place this past Monday February 15. According to the Facebook invitation, students from several fraternities organized this party in honor of Black History Month, […]
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Calif. Appellate Court Upholds Promoting Diversity in Schools

Yesterday marked an important victory for advocates of school diversity and equal opportunity. A California Court of Appeals ruled that Berkeley Unified School District’s policy of taking neighborhood demographics into account when making school assignments is not discriminatory as alleged by challengers. The Court concluded that the District’s plan “does not show partiality, prejudice or […]
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Intent Doctrine: Its Relationship to Seattle and Louisville School Cases and the Need to Preserve Brown’s Legacy

UPDATE JUNE 28: The Supreme Court today handed down its decision on the Seattle and Louisville schools cases. Read our statement here. This term, the Supreme Court faces a question that it set itself on a collision course with three decades ago.[1] The Court will decide whether school districts in Seattle and Louisville can consider […]
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