Health Equity Newsletter

On January 17, 2023, on behalf of scores of black women with cancer, Lieff Cabraser, EJS, and Serna & Associates PLLC filed a federal mass tort lawsuit against L’Oreal and other manufacturers for cancer presumptively caused by repeated use of hair relaxer products.

As part of our ongoing public education about the case, Lieff Cabraser and EJS launched a Health Equity Newsletter to dive deeper into the issues related to the case and to topics of interest to women who use hair relaxer products.

In our most recent issue, EJS President Lisa Holder covered the California Reparations Report recommendations on Black women’s health, sharing the fact that Black women have worse survival rates of ovarian, uterine, or cervical cancer than White women and these disparities have worsened since the 1970s. Black women are nearly twice as likely to die from endometrial cancer (a type of uterine cancer) as White women.

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