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Kim Clark

Juris Doctor Kim E. Clark is an inspirational force and dynamic educator who brings a new approach to critical race theory, spirituality and social transformation.  Her paper “Critical Race Theory, Transformation and Praxis.” Sw. L. Rev. 45 (2015): 795, tells of how she developed her method while a Changemaker Research Fellow at Pacific School of Religion, an Ashoka Changemaker University campus.  Ms. Clark engages audiences with energetic workshops where she shares her methodology with legal and social change organizations seeking broader support for their legal social justice goals while staying true to their highest human potential.

Her work has emerged from years of engagement with spiritual communities and practices and from her commitment to social justice.  Kim invites her audience to grapple with the intricacies of injustice with its intellectual and emotional complexities and their interplay with the transdisciplinarity of race, sexual orientation, class, and spirituality.

As a social entrepreneur with solutions to social problems and who seeks to make large-scale changes to society, Ms. Clark collaboratively assesses the possibility and design of critical alliances.  As a leader in social innovation and changemaking in higher education, she creates a unity of natural, social and health sciences in a humanities context, to create an approach to solving systemic and institutional global inequity.  Ms. Clark also teaches a series of courses at JFK University School of Law highlighting the intersectionality of law and spirituality.  Ms. Clark welcomes collaborators to assist her in envisioning the intersectionality and transdisciplinarity of social justice change, with its economic, psychological, sociological, spiritual, and legal complexities.  She also invites conversation around how to validate learning and behavioral change, e.g., developing measurable and meaningful data points for useful feedback regarding long-term impact of the learning on individuals and groups.

UPDATE:  Ms. Clark has been selected as a Berrett-Koehler Foundation Action-Learning Fellow.

The Berrett-Koehler Foundation’s new pilot program nurtures a cohort of five emerging leaders as they explore new projects aligned with our organization’s mission to build a world that works for all.  Ms. Clark’s project is to expand her advocacy of Oppositional Cultural Practice™ theory and pedagogy.

In addition, look for Ms. Clark’s latest journal article, Demarginalizing the Intersection of Spirituality and Law:  Oppositional Cultural Practice™  Theory, Self-Transcendence , and Social Change, in THE WESTERN NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW, Volume 40 Issue 1.