AsianWeek contributor Julie D. Soo

“I think I share the shock and dismay over the racist column by Kenneth Eng that AsianWeek decided to print.  I intend to have a very frank talk with the publishers and the editorial staff.  I have dedicated my personal time in contributing to AsianWeek to give our communities a constructive voice.  This lapse in good judgment by AsianWeek has eroded years of hardwork from those who of us present stories in a balanced manner and look for ways of bringing communities together.

“I think many of the writers at AsianWeek will continue to let their dissatisfaction be known.  Kenneth Eng’s views are nothing but inflamatory spew and dilutes the hard work of thoughtful writers in covering legitimate news.  I cannot imagine anything constructive from printing Eng’s columns.  At least AsianWeek has agreed to co-sponsor a town hall on race relations.  But, I am not sure how that will be received, given that the damage has already run deep.

“Keep up the heat.  I am just appalled and disappointed.

“While I will not apologize for the Fang’s and AsianWeek, you have my word that I will not let this issue go lightly.  I feel that my reputation has been harmed as well.”

— AsianWeek contributor Julie D. Soo

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