APALA Denounces Hateful Views in AsianWeek Column

The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Feb. 28 denounced the hateful views expressed by Kenneth Eng in his column published by AsianWeek in its February 23rd edition.

“Eng’s article is offensive and objectionable,” said Maria Somma, President of APALA. “There should be no place in America for this kind of bigotry. We want to tell our African American brothers and sisters that we do not tolerate Eng’s racism.”

“Even more disturbing is how AsianWeek allowed this to happen,” said Gloria T. Caoile, Executive Director of APALA. “This was not some minor mistake. Someone approved this article. Where hate and racism is tolerated in the magazine, it needs to be expunged. There is no place for this kind of journalism, if you will call it that, in the Asian American community.”

APALA is making an appeal to its members to contact AsianWeek and to sign the online petition.

APALA, AFL-CIO, is the first and only national organization of Asian Pacific American union members.

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