OCA Finds Kenneth Eng’s Racist Views Offensive

OCA, a national Asian Pacific American (APA) organization dedicated to ensuring social justice for Asian Pacific Americans, Feb. 28 strongly criticized AsianWeek columnist Kenneth Eng’s recent article, “Why I Hate Blacks.” The short column used inflammatory language to convey the author’s racist opinions towards African Americans.

“This column is shameful for its blatant bigotry and hate speech, and only serves to build barriers between communities that should be working together for a free, fair, and equitable society,” said Michael Lin, Executive Director. “Mr. Eng owes an apology, not only to the black community, but also to the readership of AsianWeek and those who support a hate-free America.”

“The APA civil rights movement recognizes crucial strides made by the African American community and its struggles, and the two have a long and fruitful history of collaboration and cooperation,” said Ginny Gong, National President. “We sincerely hope Kenneth Eng’s article and the regrettable decision on the part of AsianWeek to publish his column will not damage our relationship with those to whom we owe so much and with whom we have so much to gain.”

“Mr. Eng’s article is contemptible in its derogatory views on blacks,” said Stephanie Kao, Hate Crime Prevention Program Manager. “For years, OCA has worked with groups such as the NAACP and National Council of La Raza to achieve greater understanding between APA and other communities of color. We will continue to work with civil rights leaders around the country to further the dialogue between all of our communities.”

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