Silicon Valley API Leaders Express Dismay At Racist Remarks Printed In Asianweek

The Asian Pacific Islander Justice Coalition of the Silicon Valley (APIJC) strongly condemns AsianWeek’s decision to print Kenneth Eng’s column “Why I Hate Blacks” in its February 23rd edition.

APIJC joins the Asian American Justice Center, Chinese for Affirmative Action, Asian Law Caucus, Asian Pacific American Legal Center, Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans, Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area and the Equal Justice Society in calling for AsianWeek to fire columnist Kenneth Eng and hold the editor responsible for allowing Eng’s column to be published.

“It is reprehensible for AsianWeek to print such a hateful and ignorant article. AsianWeek’s publication of the article dishonors the work and efforts of many African Americans whose struggles for civil rights and justice improved the lives of all Asian Americans,” said Thanh Ngo, President of the Asian Pacific Bar Association of the Silicon Valley and APIJC member. “Clearly, AsianWeek is not the ‘voice of the Asian American community.’”

“We disagree with all the points raised in this article, which is not reflective of the Asian American community’s sentiments. I am disturbed by the remarks of Kenneth Eng and by the fact that AsianWeek published it,” said Anne Im, Director of Community Programs and Advocacy at Asian Americans for Community Involvement and APIJC member. “There was absolutely no value added to community dialogue as a result its publication.”

APIJC reiterates that the views expressed by Eng do not reflect the sentiments of the API community in the Silicon Valley. APIJC encourages all community members to express their concern and hold AsianWeek accountable on this matter.

The Asian Pacific Islander Justice Coalition of the Silicon Valley (APIJC) is a newly formed network of organizations whose mission is to advocate for social justice and unite and empower the Asian Pacific Islander community in the Silicon Valley.

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