San Francisco Democratic Party condemns AsianWeek for printing hate speech

Last night, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee passed a resolution condemning AsianWeek. The resolution was offered by Speaker Pelosi’s representative to the Committee and passed by voice vote.

The resolution reads as follows:

“WHEREAS the hateful views expressed in Kenneth Eng’s column published in the February 23rd edition of Asian Week must not be tolerated, and Asian Week’s decision to print them was irresponsible;

WHEREAS Eng’s words were not only offensive to African Americans, but to all Americans, and speech that promotes hate has no place in San Francisco or anywhere in our country;

WHEREAS AsianWeek, a publication known for promoting diversity and civil rights, has taken steps in the right direction by issuing an apology and deciding to no longer run material by Mr. Eng;

THEREFORE, be it resolved, that the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee denounces the column by Kenneth Eng, asks Asian Week to re-consider its editorial policy and hold accountable its editor(s) who permitted the column to be published, and calls on Asian Week and all San Franciscans to recommit ourselves to fight racism and promote social justice for all.”

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