Third Chronicle Article in a Row This Week

Leslie Fulbright must be pretty tired about writing about the AsianWeek fiasco, but her third print article in a row will appear in Thursday’s edition of the Chronicle.

“We think the editor responsible for green-lighting the column should be removed,” said Keith Kamisugi of the Equal Justice Society, one of the sponsors of a petition demanding that AsianWeek terminate Eng, counter the column in print and review its processes.

“Removing Eng was a small part of the problem. We are looking for journalistic responsibility at AsianWeek,” he said.

One thought on “Third Chronicle Article in a Row This Week

  1. There are many to benefit from Black and Asian tensions. Asianweek played into that and printed something that would not even make it into a high school publication. The editor is either mentally “retired” on the job or a hate filled monster; both are unacceptable. JB

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