Former AW editor on the NAM forum

UPDATE 3/15: Neela rescinds her comments about David Lee here.

Neela Bannerjee, a former editor-in-chief of AsianWeek, writes about the Friday forum:

This forum was organized by New America Media (where I work) and also with help from David Lee of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee, who is one of the people who stood up for AsianWeek in this whole thing – he’s kind-of like a San Francisco Chinatown insider. Smart guy, but I’m not sure I trust him – he’s tied a little too closely to the Fangs.

Anyway, the idea was to bring together Asian American media and African American media and have them go beyond pointing fingers at Kenneth Eng’s ridiculous words and talk about responsibility and racism. I think the impulse from David Lee’s side was to stop the crucifixion of AsianWeek, but after some development – the forum turned into a really powerful discussion.

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