EJS Helps Working Assets Deliver Petitions to Congress to Urge the Restoration of Habeas Corpus

Working Assets Wireless congratulates members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for voting to approve legislation restoring habeas corpus by passing the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act.

Working Assets (workingassetswireless.com) presented senators with petitions representing more than 4,000 lawyers, retired prosecutors and other members of the legal community urging the Senate to restore the constitutional writ of habeas corpus. In the two weeks before the Judiciary Committee vote, many of these lawyers met with staff or members of the Committee as part of a campaign organized with the assistance of the Alliance for Justice and the Equal Justice Society. Lawyers have unique knowledge of and commitment to the value of habeas and were effective in convincing senators to do the right thing.

According to Working Assets President Michael Kieschnick, “This vote is the first step toward restoring our basic constitutional protections after six dark years of erosion under the Bush Administration. It also begins to restore our moral legitimacy in the eyes of the rest of the world.” Kieschnick added, “Contrary to the Bush administration’s claims, the right of habeas corpus is a triumph of democracy and is the will of the people. Working Assets customers urge the Senate to finish the job and pass the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act.”

Customers of Working Assets’ services comprise one of the largest independent citizen lobbyist groups in the U.S. and contact targeted law makers over 4 million times a year on key political issues.

Working Assets is a social-change organization that has raised over $50 million in donations to politically progressive nonprofits. When Working Assets members use its cellphone, long distance or credit card services, a portion of customers’ charges automatically go to organizations working for peace, equality and the environment, at no extra cost. Members also engage in volunteer activities and activism campaigns organized by the company in partnership with nonprofit groups nationwide.

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