Save the Date! Oct. 26 Set for Symposium at UCLA

The symposium is set for Friday, October 26, 2007, at the UCLA Faculty Center and will be called ‘Economic Opportunity in California: The Labor and Employment Impact of Prop. 209’ and will examine and discuss the 10-year impact of Proposition 209 on public employment, contracting and the public sphere.

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The California Coalition to Analyze the Impact of Proposition 209 and a number of institutions at UCLA will sponsor a symposium to examine and discuss the 10-year impact of Proposition 209 and the concurrent reduction of race- and gender-conscious equal opportunity programs in the public sphere.

Proposition 209, California’s anti-affirmative action initiative, went into effect in 1997. Much of the research on Proposition 209 in the decade since has focused on the impact of the initiative in higher education admissions.

There has been comparatively little research examining the impact of the initiative on public employment and contracting, and even less that looks at the broader secondary socio-economic impacts of the initiative. These issues are becoming increasingly crucial to examine as proponents of Proposition 209 seek to place similar measures on the ballot in a number of other states.

This symposium will merge a discussion of existing scholarship with new research on how the socioeconomic conditions of women, people of color, and California as a whole have been impacted by these changes.

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