Bush Nominee for District Court an Anti-Choice Zealot

President Bush has nominated Richard Honaker for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge to the District Court in Wyoming. Richard Honaker has worked tirelessly to ban abortion and has publically stated that abortion is “wrong, and no one should have the right to do what is wrong.” Richard Honaker is one of Bush’s most anti-choice nominees to date and shouldn’t receive Senate confirmation.

As a representative in the Wyoming State Legislature, Honaker introduced the “Human Life Protection Act” in 1991. The act would have criminalized abortion from the moment of conception except in the cases of rape, incest, or to protect the woman’s life. Even women who were the victims of rape or incest would have been denied abortions unless they reported the incidents to the authorities within five days. When the act failed to pass, Honaker reintroduced it in 1992 and it was again defeated. In 1994, Honaker served as counsel to the Unseen Hands Prayer Circle, which formed to place the “Human Life Protection Act” on the statewide ballot.

In one year President Bush will be out of the White House. We must ensure that President Bush doesn’t get anymore of his anti-choice zealots on the federal bench. Tell your Senators to reject the nomination of Richard Honaker.

Visit the Californians for Fair and Independent Judges website to learn more and for links to sites with online tools to write your Senator opposing this nomination.

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