Disturbing Trend in Law School Diversity

From the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) blog, via our new legal intern Aman Sebahtu: Despite the rise in the number of available seats in American law schools, up nearly 4,000 seats in the last fifteen years, African American and Mexican American enrollment has decreased at an alarming rate. Overall these applicants are showing better conventional stats–LSAT scores and college grade point averages–yet they are vanishing from law schools. That translates into fewer attorneys of color in America’s future. This means a less diverse bench and bar.

This analysis, based on Law School Admission Council data, is now available on the website “A Disturbing Trend in Law School Diversity,” created by Columbia Law School’s Lawyering for the Digital Age Clinic in collaboration with SALT. The site was created by SALT member, and former SALT board member, Conrad Johnson, Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia Law School who is recognized nationally as a leader in innovative legal education, access to justice and technology.

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