Video of Mike Lux Talk in San Francisco

UPDATE FEB. 18: The video is being revised so the embedded player doesn’t work right now. I’ll post the new one when it’s done.

Almost 75 folks braved the weather on Feb. 15 to meet Mike Lux, author of “The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came To Be,” at San Francisco’s new political hotspot, Mercury Lounge. The video above was taken by Dave Johnson (thanks for putting that together, Dave!). A post of the evening is also on the Commonweal Institute’s site.

I joined EJS President Eva Paterson in co-hosting this event with Commonweal Institute, Ellee Koss, Netroots Nation, Rebecca Prozan, Matt Haney and Dexter Ligot-Gordon.

A very special thanks to Mercury Lounge for their incredible support, including hosting our event on a night that they’re usually closed, and to Commonweal Institute for underwriting this event.

Mike also appeared at Monday’s Drinking Liberally and today at a lunchtime event at Manika Jewelry co-hosted by Vida Benavides, Monica Walsh, Laura Efurd, Maria Echeveste,Yoko Nakagawa, Keith Kamisugi, Gene Benavides, Bouapha Toommally, Trina Villanueva, Hector Preciado, Emi Gusukuma, Tessie Guillermo and Daphne Kwok.

Visit to learn more about the book and buy it online.

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