Ideas Matter: The Case for Regulation

In addition to our deep commitment to racial justice, we at the Equal Justice Society are committed to the realization of a broad progressive vision that goes beyond race.

Inspired by Dr. King’s strategist, Bayard Rustin, and his dream of the Grand Coalition, EJS is pursuing the creation of a Grand Alliance filled with individuals and groups who are moving beyond issue area silos.

One of the aspects of the Grand Alliance is the notion that “Ideas Matter.” Forward progress is made when transformative ideas are translated into reality. One of these ideas is that regulation of business by government can be a good thing. We feel that the current economic crisis is, in part, the result of the failure of regulation.

On Wednesday night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured the fabulous Elizabeth Warren of Harvard Law School. She gives an incredibly cogent and historically based analysis of the choice we as a nation are facing in the next six months about whether or not business should be regulated.

You may have heard Terry Gross interview Professor Warren on Fresh Air on abuses of credit card companies and on the lack of transparency vis a vis the bailout. This interview is amazing. It even made Jon Stewart feel better about the current state of affairs. Enjoy.


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