Elena Kagan Confirmed, but Other Qualified Judicial Nominees Still Stuck in the Senate

The Equal Justice Society congratulates Elena Kagan on her confirmation as Associate Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. She will be the fourth woman to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. After she is sworn in tomorrow, the Supreme Court will have a record number of three women Justices.

In late June, EJS issued a brief summary endorsing Kagan and expressing our hopes and expectations for a new era on the Supreme Court, especially in the context of our work on the Intent Doctrine.

But other qualified nominees are still awaiting confirmation votes by the full Senate, even after being approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As a recent editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle points out, the “federal trial and appeals courts are rife with vacancies. Just nine of Obama’s 22 appeals court nominations and 27 of his 63 trial court nominations have been confirmed by the Senate.”

Edward Chen and Goodwin Liu are just two of the many nominations still bottle-necked in the Senate.

Across the country, we need supporters to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and insist that he break the logjam preventing these and other qualified nominees from being voted on the by full Senate.

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