Video: Eva Paterson at Chicago Ideas Week

The Trayvon Martin shooting in 2012 brought racial stereotypes and profiling to the forefront of the public media. Eva Paterson discusses how our minds can make these stereotypical relationships outside of our level of consciousness, and what the public, government and law enforcement need to do to break through biased decision making.

CIW: Criminal Justice: Eva Paterson from Chicago Ideas Week on Vimeo.

Eva joined California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Richard Berk, Ray Bonner, and Shawn Henry as presenters in a talk, “Criminal Justice: Beyond the Verdict,” at the 2012 Chicago Ideas Week, which took place Oct. 8-14, 2012.

Chicago Ideas Week is an annual gathering of global thought leaders created to provoke new ideas and inspire actionable results. CIW is a platform of events and interactive experiences, created for innovators, thinkers, doers and interested citizens from across Chicago, the greater Midwest, and the world. CIW’s goal is to stimulate new initiatives and ventures, create new connections and collaborations, and establish a community of people who have the desire to achieve great things.

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