EJS to Co-Present at Psychological Study of Social Issues Convention


“Bridging Research and Advocacy to Promote Racial Justice and Equity,” an interactive discussion, was accepted for presentation at the 10th Biennial Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues convention in Portland, Oregon, on June 27-29, 2014.

The presentation was submitted by Linda Tropp, Professor of Psychology at University of Massachusetts Amherst; Victoria Plaut, Professor of Law and Social Science at University of California Berkeley; Eva Paterson, President of the Equal Justice Society; and Rachel Godsil, Eleanor Bontecou Professor of Law at Seton Hall University.

Increasingly, social scientists, legal scholars, litigators, and policy advocates have joined forces to use compelling research evidence in litigation and public policy challenging racial bias. The overarching goal of this roundtable is to broaden opportunities for researchers and advocates to exchange perspectives and learn how we can most effectively strengthen and build upon each other’s work.

The session will begin with comments from two lawyers and policy advocates, who will briefly describe the approaches they use to combat racial bias and promote racial justice and equity (Eva Paterson and Rachel Godsil). Following these comments, a roundtable discussion will be moderated by two social science researchers who have worked closely with these and other advocates on racial justice and equity issues (Victoria Plaut and Linda Tropp).

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