EJS Troubled and Disappointed by SCOTUS Decision in Schuette

icon_newspaperThe Equal Justice Society is deeply disappointed and troubled by the Supreme Court’s decision today in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action. The case questioned whether Michigan violated the Equal Protection Clause when it enacted a constitutional amendment banning affirmative action in higher education.

The Court ruled that voters could enact such state constitutional changes, but did not rule against affirmative action per se.

The Court has said plainly, in this and other decisions, that it does not support uplifting people of color in this country.

“Race conscious admissions remains under attack on many fronts, including here in California,” said EJS Legal Director Allison Elgart. “The heroic work of civil rights pioneers before us is being eroded by Supreme Court justices putting their ideology over the law.”

EJS plays a key role in efforts to advance equal opportunity in education, public contracting and employment. We are staunch defenders of SCA 5, the proposed constitutional amendment by Sen. Ed Hernandez to partially repeal Prop. 209. We also continue to work with coalitions to oppose court decisions eroding affirmative action. EJS remains at the frontline of raising awareness of implicit bias and its connection to the need for race conscious remedies.

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Additional statements from our allies:

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