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Guest post from Bill Kennedy, Regional Counsel, Legal Services of Northern California. Bill is an EJS monthly sustainer.

bill-kennedy-ejsI am not by nature a religious man, but I tithe. A tithe is what we pay for that fragile glue that binds us one to another. It connotes a tangible connection between people who follow a common path. I tithe each month to the Equal Justice Society and ask you to do the same.

EJS inspires me to the path of equity and justice which can, at times, be very lonely. I tithe for their fellowship and inspiration.

EJS leads a movement that integrates art and culture to feed our souls as we struggle. I tithe to support their artistic vision of equity that makes my spirit take flight.

EJS provides the steel and vision to put race on the table in all matters. I tithe to support their courage in advocacy and vision of justice.

EJS helps us to remember that we follow many who came before us and whose own struggle we must honor and build upon. I tithe so as not to forget.

Tithing is easy. A monthly pledge is affordable and can be deducted painlessly from your bank account. If you do this, you can feel good and know that you will never walk this path alone. Join me.

2015 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Equal Justice Society. In honor of this milestone, please consider making a monthly donation of $15 or $150.

Make your tax-deductible donation to EJS today!

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