‘People Died So I Could Vote’

People Died So I Could Vote” was a piece in TIME written in 2014 by Jocelyn Y. Stewart.

Stewart wrote: “To be American is to appreciate and acknowledge those who died so we could vote, who faced bombs and beatings, and lost farms-and voted anyway. They are owed a debt, payable in the currency of participation in the democratic process.”

Those sacrifices were for all of us. For every vote cast, we say that those struggles were not in vain.

If you didn’t already cast your vote, below are resources to assist you:

Find your polling place in California:

Find your polling place in the U.S.:

(California) Learn more about where various organizations stand on propositions*:

(California) Learn about your rights as a voter, including time off to vote:

Let’s do this!

* EJS does not have an official position on all California propositions and is sharing this for information only.

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