Coming Together Stronger, More United

We are ending the year with an incredible amount of uncertainty and concern for the future of our country. The results of the presidential election – the hate speech and the vitriol demonstrated before and after the election – have left us shaken to our core.

In times of great adversity, we must face our challenges with a fierceness and determination that comes from being in community with partners like you.

The Equal Justice Society was founded to be ready to fight in times like this to protect and defend our civil and human rights. Rather than merely curse the darkness, we provide a light and useful tools for dealing with threats to justice, equality, and acceptance, including those to come from the upcoming administration.

One of the animating visions that led to the creation of the Equal Justice Society was Bayard Rustin’s concept of the Grand Coalition where in progressives would come together to advance a more inclusive and broadened progressive vision for a better world. Environmental activists, the LGBTQ community, advocates for racial justice, the disability rights community, advocates for changes in the criminal justice system, for example, would realize that we share a common dream of the perfected world. The Equal Justice Society shares a similar organizing concept as the Grand Alliance. We work with all aspects of the progressive community in the Bay Area, throughout California, and nationally. Your support over the years helps us continue to strengthen our Grand Alliance.

And now we must come together even stronger and more united.

We must also protect the progress we have made in the last sixteen years as an organization. The Equal Justice Society will continue our advocacy efforts on school discipline, special education, and the school-to-prison pipeline, race-conscious remedies, and inequities in the criminal justice system. We will continue to leverage our strengths in coalition and bridge building, and in the arts and culture. What started as a vision has transformed into a formidable reality – an organization that is articulating and fighting for change in real and profound ways.

Your longstanding support has been critical to our efforts and your gift this year will enable the Equal Justice Society to push forward with renewed vigor. Now more than ever we need your help and support!

Please consider giving, for the high school Latino student who is told he will only be a farm worker; for the Black student with ADHD who is told he has oppositional defiance disorder instead of being given the services he needs; and for the fight ahead to beat back concerted efforts to weaken civil rights law.

Thank you for your commitment to this incredibly important civil rights and racial justice work, and thank you for supporting the Equal Justice Society.


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