This Week in White Supremacy (72): Eva Paterson to Testify on White Supremacy at House Judiciary Hearing Tuesday

EJS President Eva Paterson to Testify on White Supremacy at House Judiciary Hearing Tuesday

Equal Justice Society President Eva Paterson will testify at the hearing on Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism this Tuesday, April 9, at 10:00 a.m. ET before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary. Add on Facebook.

From the Committee: “This hearing will examine hate crimes, the impact white nationalist groups have on American communities and the spread of white identity ideology. The hearing will also foster ideas about what social media companies can do to stem white nationalist propaganda and hate speech online.”

The hearing will be livestreamed on YouTube and on C-SPAN.

  1. Dixie School District, located in San Rafael, California, was named after the Confederacy during the Civil War by Marin County Board of Supervisors. The Change the Name coalition is asking the Dixie School District Board of Trustees to change the name of the school district. The public school district’s name should welcome everyone. The coalition is organizing a silent march on April 6 in advance of the school board’s April 16 meeting.
  2. VoteForWomen on Twitter: “I got caught stealing multiple times as a teenager and they never called the cops. They just let me go with a warning. Every. Single. Time. #MyWhitePrivilege”
  3. Heresy Labs on Twitter: “ALERT: Horna, a neo-Nazi black metal band from Finland is attempting to tour the US starting 3/28 including Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Austin, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Brooklyn, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania #FuckNSBM #ShutDownNaziMetal”
  4. The Hill on Twitter: “#BREAKING: Trump cuts off foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras”
  5. Black attorney says deputy thought he was a suspect and detained him at court – NBC
  6. Why did the Supreme Court spare Buddhist Patrick Henry Murphy but not Muslim Domineque Ray?
  7. Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: ““3 Mexican Countries.” ==> Brian Stelter on Twitter: “This is an actual banner from “Fox & Friends Weekend.” 6:03am today. I double checked because I didn’t believe it at first. Hat tip @BadFoxGraphics…
  8. Inside America’s Black Box: A Rare Look at the Violence of Incarceration – The New York Times
  9. The Controversial Race Research DeVos Used to Revoke School Discipline Guidance | Education News | US News
  10. Celtics ban fan for racially abusive language toward DeMarcus Cousins |
  11. Majority Says Trump Has Done ‘Too Little’ to Distance Himself From White Nationalists | Pew Research Center
  12. Antwon Rose: When police kill unarmed black males, the law still trumps video and protests – The Washington Post
  13. How the South Won the Civil War | The New Yorker
  14. Alyssa Milano on Twitter: “REMINDER: There are still 11,500 children in detention centers throughout the United States of America.”
  15. Anti-Semitic Rally In New York City – Talking Points Memo
  16. TEEN KILLED AT WRONG APARTMENT: Teen shot, killed after knocking on wrong apartment door, police say | WSB-TV
  17. Paul Kiel on Twitter: “A few years ago, I wrote that if you’re black, you’re more likely to see your electricity cut, be sued over a debt, or land in jail because of a parking ticket. Since then, without setting out to, I’ve been adding to that list.”
  18. Protest at University of Arizona over Border Patrol will result in charges
  19. Laura Helmuth on Twitter: “The NIH is now requiring all visitors — including patients — to disclose their citizenship. It just kicked out two green-card holders from Iran. One was there to give a talk, and one was there to give a JOB talk. By @LennyMBernstein @ByLenaSun @reinlwapo”
  20. Samuel Sinyangwe on Twitter: “And now we’re at the experimenting on people in detention camps phase of fascism.… ”  ==> roq on Twitter: “The U.S. is tracking migrant girls’ periods to stop them from getting abortions. In at least one case there was an attempt to use a migrant girl as a way to test an “abortion reversal” method.”
  21. Dr. Erroll G. Southers on Twitter: “The responsible agency should advise this incident is being investigated and the findings made public, in an effort to build legitimacy and trust with the community it serves.”
  22. Andrew Lawrence on Twitter: “Here’s Kris Kobach proposing putting asylum seekers in “processing towns that are confined” …. a “camp”… ”


  • Amblin on Twitter: “.@TheRitaMoreno will receive a Peabody Award for Career Achievement this May 18, right ahead of commencing filming on Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the original WEST SIDE STORY stage musical this summer. Congratulations, Magnificent Ms. M! #PEGOT”
  • The keeper of the secret: After decades of silence about a long-ago Virginia lynching, one man pursues accountability, apologies and the meaning of racial reconciliation. – The Washington Post
  • Newly Discovered Photograph of Harriet Tubman Goes on Display – The New York Times
  • Chicago Prepares to Elect Its First Black Female Mayor | The New Yorker

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