This Week in White Supremacy (73): Eva Paterson Testifies on White Supremacy at House Judiciary Hearing

EJS President Eva Paterson Testifies on White Supremacy at House Judiciary Hearing

Equal Justice Society President Eva Paterson testified Tuesday at the hearing on Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary. Watch the testimony and read Eva’s testimony.

Eva Paterson PBS NewHour Discussing Reparations and the 2020 Election

Tonight’s PBS NewHour features a segment by Yamiche Alcindor with EJS President Eva Paterson on reparations and the 2020 presidential election. Click for viewing details.

  1. Belgium Apologizes for Kidnapping Children From African Colonies – The New York Times
  2. Three Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish – The New York Times
  3. @MakeItPlain on Twitter: “More than 6 decades after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregated schools unconstitutional, one #Mississippi school district has largely segregated classrooms— some all-black, some majority white. #Education #Segregation #Race #BrookhavenSchoolDistrict” ==> USA Today: Segregated classrooms: Parental choice splits classes in Mississippi
  4. Identifying separated families may take 2 years – CNNPolitics
  5. Omar Moore on Twitter: “Please don’t tell anyone in Lubbock, Texas or elsewhere that this is white youth RIOTING. The news media will say that it is merely exuberant celebration. ”
  6. Bryan Curtis on Twitter: “In Inglewood, the high school softball field is covered with broken glass and was deemed so dangerous a game there was cancelled recently. Nearby, the Rams are building a $3 billion stadium.”
  7. Chris Lebron on Twitter: “My latest for @TheNorthStar – wherein I explore the many ways brown folks understand whiteness better than a lot of white folks.…”
  8. LAPD to scrap some crime data programs after criticism – Los Angeles Times
  9. Inside Stephen Miller’s hostile takeover of immigration policy – POLITICO
  10. On March 20 in State College, PA, 29-year old Osaze Osagie’s father called the police requesting they check on his son, worried that he was experiencing a mental health emergency. When 3 police officers showed up to Osaze’s apartment to serve a “mental health warrant” they killed him, firing multiple gunshots. –
  11. Jake Tapper on Twitter: “Why are Native American women so much more likely to disappear or be killed? @scottmclean reports @TheLeadCNN”
  12. New Zealand Shootings Show White Supremacy as Global Threat | Time
  13. Twitter Moments on Twitter: “The FBI is now involved in the investigation of “suspicious” fires at Black churches in Louisiana.″
  14. Blavity News on Twitter: “This is the second time within the last month that the Boulder Police Department has come under fire for harassing two Black citizens for seemingly no reason at all.”
  15. Rebecca J. Kavanagh on Twitter: “So it turns out the Chicago Police Department lied when they said two police officers didn’t push & drag a 16-year-old girl down a set of stairs, punch her, tase her, then hold her down as they stomped on her chest. Cause they did and there’s video.”
  16. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “Why are you using this photo of President Obama to report on the indictment of Greg Craig for conduct Craig engaged in as a private lawyer after he left the White House? Seriously @thehill. Clean this up.”
  17. Indivisible Network on Twitter: “This is UNBELIEVABLE & UNACCEPTABLE This 10-yo boy was handcuffed by DC police, arrested & taken away without his mother because cops thought he took part in an armed robbery Turned out he was completely innocent & wasn’t even involved in the incident”
  18. Michiko Kakutani on Twitter: “My mother’s family was among the 120,000 Japanese Americans sent to internment camps during World War II. With Trump’s “no tolerance” border policy, history is in danger of repeating itself.”


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