Op-Ed by Ucedrah Osby: ‘Schools Must Value and Mentor Our Students – Not Punish and Discard Them’

In an op-ed published by the Observer, All of Us or None-Bakersfield President Ucedrah Osby urges readers to attend a community forum on September 4th, to collectively organize for better educational practices and outcomes for Black and Latinx students in the Kern High School District.

“I know that our black and brown children go to school where the vast majority of their teachers do not look like them nor relate to their struggles and aspirations. Much too often, schools treat our children’s normal behavior as delinquent or criminal.
In this environment, how do we make sure that schools do not dump our children into the pipeline to prison? How do we guide our children to a future where they thrive, engage with their families and community, and live a good life?” Read more here.

Osby authored the op-ed with support from EJS Legal Director Mona Tawatao. EJS and partners are representing parties who are part of a historic settlement with the Kern High School District, in which the District agreed to implement major policy changes to reduce the disproportionate suspensions, expulsions and involuntary school transfers of African-American and Latinx students. EJS remains involved with community members working to support and guide students toward education, work, and positive life opportunities.

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