EJS Supports Impeachment Inquiry. Trump’s Racist Abuses of Power Should be Among the Articles of Impeachment.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced this afternoon that the U.S. House of Representatives would begin a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

The Equal Justice Society strongly supports this historic action by the House. On September 6, our Board voted unanimously to support calls for an impeachment inquiry. The decision by our board followed an August decision by the EJS staff to request our Board support an impeachment inquiry. EJS Legal Director Mona Tawatao wrote a memo outlining the legal and moral rationale for our position.

Today’s announcement of the House action was prompted by allegations that Trump sought to enlist a foreign power for his own political gain. While we feel that this is an impeachable offense worth investigating, EJS believes that Trump’s racist abuses of power should be among the articles of impeachment.

On June 15, 2019, when we saw babies in cages, when we saw how Latino children were being treated in Clint, Texas, we knew that Trump had crossed a line.

We were appalled when a gunman drove to El Paso to massacre Latinx people in a Walmart, citing the same “invasion” scare tactics that President utilizes to fire up his base.

We were sickened to learn that immigrant children who were in the United States for life saving medical procedures were to be sent to their home countries to certain death.

As a racial justice organization, we knew that EJS had to act.

If you want to know what you would have done during slavery and the Holocaust, look at what you are doing now.

Our mission is to “transform the nation’s consciousness on race”. Our charge is to fight white supremacy and to take back the Fourteenth Amendment. We think that in this time of national crisis with people’s lives and the public safety at stake, taking a bold stand on impeachment to hold the most dangerous and racist president in a century to account, is EJS’s moral imperative.


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