This Week in White Supremacy #122: What You Should Know About Trump’s Latest Immigration Ban

CAIR-SFBA and Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus: The Trump administration recently issued a Proclamation expanding immigration restrictions in a broad attempt to further its xenophobic agenda while distracting Americans from its own failure to adequately respond to the coronavirus pandemic. In a blatant attempt to pit communities of color and immigrants against one another, the Proclamation exploits the record levels of unemployment caused by the pandemic, to restrict immigration under the guise of protecting workers and minorities. Targeting immigrants does nothing to achieve economic justice and only further marginalizes and dehumanizes our immigrant communities.


  • Clint Smith on Twitter: “I keep revisiting this photo of grandfather watching my dissertation defense. Born in 1930 Mississippi, in a town where ppl were lynched, where the Klan terrorized the community, where there was no protection for Black folks. My life is only possible because of all he overcame.” / Twitter


  1. Dr. Ayize on Twitter: “#TodayInBlackHistory 4/24 #RutherfordBHayesCompromise unleashes an avalanche in #WhiteTerrorism and the #NadirInUSAHistory ! Thx ⁦@eji_org⁩ ! ⁦@melanin_network ⁦@barbs73 ⁦@HistoryHeroes ⁦@historianspeaks⁩ ⁦@AfricanaCarr ⁦@1a
  2. DeVos Excludes ‘Dreamers’ From Coronavirus College Relief – The New York Times
  3. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Trump’s nomination of TWO MORE circuit judges during pandemic is unacceptable. Both are unfit to serve. Both are white males. Trump has nominated 37 white males but ZERO African Americans to circuit courts. Next President will have strongest mandate ever for #JudicialDiversity” / Twitter
  4. Kelly Yang on Twitter: “I am shaking. I went to the dog park to walk my dog. These people came very aggressively towards me (without a mask), called me an oriental & told me to go back to where I came from. I asked her to pls stop coming towards me, she wouldn’t stop, finally I had to get out my camera.” / Twitter
  5. Kevin M. Levin on Twitter: “We are confused by the presence of Confederate flags in Northern states like Wisconsin and Michigan because we tend to reduce the Confederacy to the fight over slavery. But its failed attempt to enshrine white supremacy taps into a much broader and deeper American legacy.” / Twitter
  6. Dave Zirin on Twitter: “I mean the New England Patriots – of all teams – drafted a place kicker with white nationalist tattoos. They must really want Richard Spencer to remain a fan.
  7. More Buffalo Residents Sue Over Discriminatory Traffic Ticketing | Center for Constitutional Rights
  8. States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits. Now That’s Hard to Undo. – The New York Times

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