This Week in White Supremacy #123: “The modern-day lynching of Ahmaud Arbery”

May 5 – James “Major” Woodall, state president, Georgia NAACP: “The modern-day lynching of Mr. Arbery is yet another reminder of the vile and wicked racism that persists in parts of our country. The slothfulness and inaction of D.A. Jackie Johnson of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and George Barnhill of the Waycross Judicial Circuit are a gross testament to the mismanagement of the judicial process in the Brunswick community. We will not rest until the murderers of Ahmaud are behind bars, and Jackie Johnson, along with George Barnhill, are removed from office.”

May 8 – Two charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery after footage sparked outrage, but Georgia state law enforcement official says there is no plan to investigate local authorities who failed to make arrests in the February shooting.


  • Senegal trials begin for $1 COVID-19 test kit | Senegal News | Al Jazeera
  • Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “Today the USPS comprises nearly a quarter of the entire federal workforce. Nearly half of its…workforce are people of color. They handle….nearly half of all the mail in the entire world.” #SaveTheUSPS


  1. Bakari Sellers on Twitter: “How do y’all take your guns to state capitols, around law enforcement but black folk gotta be cautious wearing their protective masks?” / Twitter
  2. Resist Programming on Twitter: “Blackface Obama dance captured at the Reopen Michigan protest yesterday in Lansing.
  3. The Volatile Mermaid on Twitter: “One time I tweeted that Trump supporters are Nazis and a guy replied “No we’re not you stupid Jew” and I still think about that a lot.” / Twitter
  4. New Study Confirms That Black Women Are Most Abused Group on Twitter | Colorlines
  5. Bryan Harnsberger, Psy.D on Twitter: “So let me get this straight… If I go to protest a North Dakotan Pipeline on tribal land, I’ll get gassed, pelted with rubber bullets, and arrested. If I storm the MI Statehouse w/ a long gun & armor, and yell in the face of law enforcement, I’ll get to go home w/o consequence” / Twitter
  6. South African Anti-Apartheid Activist Denis Goldberg died. Stream Soft Vengeance to meet Denis Goldberg
  7. What’s wrong with this picture? => Vanderbilt Eye on Twitter: “Town Hall: Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic At noon today a panel of VUMC physicians will discuss the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in our region, approaches for the surgical patient, and specific concerns. #surgery #COVID19
  8. michaelharriot on Twitter: “A lot of people saw the White Tears Death March at Michigan’s capitol & said: “If black people did that…” Some mentioned Reagan’s gun control law after ’67 Panthers protest But there are many historical examples of white people freaking out when blacks protested. (A thread)” / Twitter
  9. David J. Trowbridge on Twitter: “If a major university eliminates three teaching positions, and all three were dedicated to the study of race and gender, it wasn’t really about balancing the budget.” / Twitter
  10. Sheriff’s Department investigating after man wears KKK hood while grocery shopping in Santee – The San Diego Union-Tribune
  11. Taz Ahmed on Twitter: “Can we also talk about how perfectly coifed her hair is? No hat head, or pins, or headband or ties – just cascading healthy curls. I have a BINDER full of Muslim women writers in Los Angeles who would have been able to consult or write in this room. Inexcusable. It’s not 1999.
  12. Ian Millhiser on Twitter: “And Wisconsin’s Republican chief justice just dismissed a coronavirus flare up because it only impacted people who work in meat packing plants and not “the regular folks.”” / Twitter
  13. Two cop confrontations, one with white protesters, one with a black kid. Guess who got beat up? | The Sacramento Bee
  14. JACL Rebukes 2020 Wisconsin Justice’s Comparisons to Japanese American Experience
  15. In NYC, the Wrong Zip Code Could Mean Death | Colorlines
  16. ‘Please Help Us’: Those on the Inside Are in Grave Danger | Colorlines
  17. Mass Rent Strikes Demonstrate That Housing Has Always Been a Racial Justice Issue | Colorlines
  18. Vali Chandrasekaran on Twitter: “In the last 24 hours I saw a black man murdered by a retired cop for exercising and a white man let off after pleading guilty twice” / Twitter
  19. i’m fine innit? on Twitter: “White people have been angrily yelling at the police for like 3 weeks now and ain’t nobody died. Not even shot. That’s how you know it’s about race.” / Twitter
  20. Ahmaud Arbery Was Killed Simply for Doing Something While Black
  21. Media Matters on Twitter: “Fox News covered a jailed salon owner over 7 times more than it covered the killing of Ahmaud Arbery” / Twitter
  22. Zach Stafford on Twitter: “Dear White Folks, If you find yourself infuriated over the #AhmaudArberry video and want to do something, here you go: Call that racist family member. Have that conversation you’ve been avoiding because it’s ‘hard.’ And deal with your own racism you actively ignore.” / Twitter
  23. Majority of New Yorkers arrested for social distancing violations are black, public advocate says
  24. Marti Gould Cummings on Twitter: “no justice, no peace!!! We demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery BLACK LIVES MATTER” / Twitter

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