New Maynard Institute study on Structural Racism by Brenda Payton

A new Maynard Institute study on structural racism by Brenda Payton includes more than 260 studies showing racial disparities in various aspects of American life.

This report is designed as a tool for journalists and researchers and highlights examples of work by institutions and initiatives working to solve the problem of structural racism. Many of the studies can serve as a launching point for journalists to investigate the specific issue in their communities.

“We find ourselves with a re-invigorated opportunity to recognize and repair the racial inequity that has not only limited Black Americans, but limited the country overall,” writes Payton. “One study found that if Black families had the wealth of white families, the country’s economy would be $1.5 trillion larger,” and “As the author James Baldwin emphasized throughout his career, this is not Black America’s problem, it is America’s problem.”

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Thank you to EJS alum Elaine Elinson for sharing this important resource with us!