Lawyers, Law Students: Take a Stand to Save the Supreme Court

On Friday, October 23, with your help, AFJ Action is leading a Lawyers Day of Action alongside partners Lawyers for Good Government, Equal Justice Society, and lawyers across the country to #BlockBarrett and raise the legal community’s voice in opposition to Amy Coney Barrett.

Sign and share this lawyers letter of opposition, joining over 7,500 lawyers.

Barrett was nominated to take health care away from millions. Barrett was nominated to take away reproductive rights. Barrett was nominated to roll back our civil rights. Barrett was nominated to undermine marriage equality and LGBTQ rights. Barrett was nominated to support attacks on voting rights and help an impeached President steal an election.

We aren’t going to mince words: she poses a threat to all the protections Americans have long held dear.

Attorneys, law students, legal scholars and the full legal community are a unique voice in fighting to preserve the rule of law and core tenets of our democracy.

That’s why we organizing — and that’s why we continue to fight. And we need your help.

This Friday, October 23, join us for a Lawyers Day of Action to make it clear: The legal community calls on the Senate to #BlockBarrett.

Let’s make this the toughest vote they’ll ever take. Here’s what you can do:

And every day until the confirmation vote, call your senators and amplify our social media messages and utilize #BlockBarrett & #WeDissent.

After every action you take, tell five friends to do the same and tell them to tell five friends.

We’re in this together—your support can save the Supreme Court.

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