We need lawyers to defend voters in Georgia

Earlier this year we called on attorneys to help defend our democracy by joining our National Voter Defense Network – through which individuals charged under the restrictive Jim Crow 2.0 voting rights laws would be defended for free by a legal professional.

We are continuing to recruit attorneys for this project, but this time under the VoPro and Voter Defender programs spearheaded by the New Georgia Project, our partner organization in this struggle.

Please sign up for these training sessions happening tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2:

For attorneys – Vote Defender Training (online)
Tuesday, November 2, 2021 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Pacific
RSVP here: https://bit.ly/3pWZoyX
Train to protect our votes and our democracy as a Vote Defender. Respond to ongoing issues that leads to disenfranchisement. Review prospective criminal, civil, and administrative issues. Assess whether legal action is necessary and coordinate with in-state attorneys.

For attorneys and non-attorneys – VoProTraining (online)
Tuesday, November 2, 2021 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Pacific
RSVP here: https://bit.ly/3BFeAmd
VoPro Training to protect our votes and our democracy on Election Day. Monitor, track, and escalate election day issues. Help voters by providing common solutions to election day problems. Work in-person or virtual.

More information about the projects here:

Thank you for your continued support!

Meher Dhaliwal, Program Manager
Equal Justice Society

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