EJS Grateful for New Donations and Pledges to the Eva Paterson Legacy Fund

The Equal Justice Society received new donations and pledges to the Eva Paterson Legacy Fund from Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP, The San Francisco Foundation, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, and Kelly Dermody and Billie Mizell.

EJS created the Eva Paterson Legacy Fund to honor the incredible legacy of Eva’s work and commitment to the Equal Justice Society, which she co-founded over 22 years ago. Henry L. Hecht kicked off the Legacy Fund with a $100,000 donation. EJS Board Member Kelly Dermody and Billie Mizell donated $50,000. See the complete list of donors to the fund at https://equaljusticesociety.org/legacyfund.

EJS President Lisa Holder: “We are humbled and grateful for the generous donations from these supporters who believe in the mission of EJS and our work to transform the nation’s consciousness on race. I also want to express my deepest appreciation to Eva Paterson and all the staff at EJS for their incredible efforts to secure these resources to support our work.”

Lieff Cabraser donated $25,000. EJS Board Member Kelly Dermody is Managing Partner of the firm’s San Francisco office and chair of the employment practice group. Firm Partner Elizabeth J. Cabraser is a founding donor of EJS and our primary benefactor of the Judge Constance Baker Motley Civil Rights Fellowship.

The San Francisco Foundation donated $25,000. EJS appreciates it long partnership with TSFF, which previously funded EJS’s work to advance the dismantling of the school-to-prison pipeline and improve student social and emotional health by addressing implicit bias and structural racism in Bay Area public schools.

The California Endowment pledged $25,000. TCE has been a key partner with EJS in our work to improve the social and emotional health of youth by reducing the use of harsh discipline and increasing the use of positive, trauma-responsive practices throughout California.

The California Wellness Foundation donated $20,000 for “core operating support in honor of Eva Paterson’s legacy of social justice leadership and to support the incoming President, Lisa Holder, to advance the organization’s efforts to elevate health equity issues related to the criminal justice system in California,” said Judy Belk, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Our deepest gratitude to the donors who generously contributed to the Eva Paterson Legacy Fund – those listed below as well as contributors who asked to remain anonymous.

Henry L. Hecht

Kelly Dermody and Billie Mizell

Elizabeth Cabraser, Kelly Dermody, and Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP
The San Francisco Foundation
The California Endowment

Paulette Meyer and David Friedman

Minami Tamaki Yamauchi Kwok & Lee (MTYKL) Foundation

Kissinger Family Foundation

Adler & Colvin
Barbara Phillips
Barry Goldstein
David Oppenheimer
Don Tamaki and Suzanne Ah-Tye
Mark Zemelman
Michael Harris
Nancy K.D. Lemon and Blaine Devine
Thomas Layton and Gyöngy Laky

Mona Tawatao
Gary Greenstein
John M. True and Claudia Wilken
Gary Delgado Marcia Henry
Dale Minami and Ai Mori
Paul and Mara Romanak

Up to $300
John Bonifaz
Lois Corrin Lafayette
Arlynne Faulks
Victoria Plaut
Kim Klein and Stephanie Roth
Jean-Noel Pinkney
Clayborne Carson
Richard Drury
Dorothy Ehrlich
Elaine Elinson
Em Holmes
Linda Purkiss
Pamela Robinson and Eldee Bitseff
Regina Sneed
William Webster
Gary Paterson
Dorothy Tsuruta
Steve Beitler
Marlene Bell
Salena Copeland
Jack Glaser
Betty Kano
Sarah Kover
Iris Nicholson
Cheri Pies
Karen Zamarripa
Steven and Claire Goldstein
Garry Bradford
Constance de la Vega
Paula Katz
Ted Mermin
Ellen Obstler
Ellis Pines
Margaret Russell
Eve Hershcopf
Hon. Gordon Baranco (Ret.)
Patricia Wenkart
Sherrie Rosenberg

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