This Week in White Supremacy: Special Edition

This will be the last edition of This Week in White Supremacy, at least in this format. The end of the TWIWS newsletter does not mean we see the decline of white supremacy on the horizon. The Equal Justice Society remains passionately committed to fighting white supremacy and calling out racism, even when it's coming from our allies.

This Week in White Supremacy #147: Shonda Rhimes Is Ready to “Own Her S***”: The Game-Changing Showrunner on Leaving ABC, “Culture Shock” at Netflix and Overcoming Her Fears

In the minutes following the announcement that only one officer would be indicted – for wanton endangerment for firing into an apartment next door to Taylor’s – a quiet, stunned sadness and simmering anger overtook Louisville’s Jefferson Square Park, the epicenter of protests which has been dubbed Injustice Square Park.