Zogby says ‘Bradley effect’ unlikely this year

John Zogby on forbes.com today says the “Bradley effect is not likely to be a factor in the presidential race this year,” citing the relative accuracy of polls in the Democratic primaries and the increasing racial tolerance of younger voters. Analysis of Zogby polling has showed that younger voters, whom I identify inĀ  The WayContinue reading “Zogby says ‘Bradley effect’ unlikely this year”

Do We Still Have the ‘Bradley Effect’?

Stop Dog Whistle Racism posted a link to a piece yesterday by Pat Morrison questioning if the Bradley Effect still exists. Morrison writes about two differences between Obama and former L.A. mayor Tom Bradley: Bradley hardly if ever mentioned race in his politics while Obama has “confronted race forthright”; and people polled today seem moreContinue reading “Do We Still Have the ‘Bradley Effect’?”