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Video: Eva Paterson Profile in California Lawyer

EJS President Eva Paterson spoke with attorney Paul Henderson, the deputy chief of staff, public safety, for the mayor of San Francisco, about her career, affirmative action, the death penalty, and the nature of implicit bias. The video of the interview (above and excerpts) was published on

EJS Joins Bay Area Lawyer Die-in for Racial Justice

Equal Justice Society President Eva Paterson spoke at a “die-in” demonstration today with attorneys, law students, professors, and allies in San Francisco to protest police violence and racial profiling of communities of color. Eva Patterson @equaljustice speaking before #BlackLivesMatter die-in @ CA Supreme Ct #ReclaimMlk #ferguson — Steve Rhodes (@tigerbeat) January 16, 2015 We […]
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These Are Our Sons

The killing of Michael Brown has dominated the headlines and my thoughts over the past few days. An African-American 18-year-old dead with multiple gunshot wounds. The shots fired by a St. Louis police officer. The circumstances reeking of cover-up, profiling, and racism. My African-American 18-year-old son Julian has spent the last two weeks as an […]
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Justice Kennedy, Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety and Dismantling the 14th Amendment’s Intent Standard

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of talking to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference on implicit bias, racial anxiety and the 14th Amendment. The judicial conference, attended by 600 judges and lawyers working in the federal courts of the Ninth Circuit, meets to consider the business of the courts, to share ways to improve the […]
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African Americans Started Memorial Day

Yesterday as I was driving from San Francisco to Oakland, I heard a news report on NPR that made me cry. Voter suppression, a.k.a. Voter ID laws, have gone into effect in Arkansas, my father’s birthplace. A report today from Zachary Roth of MSNBC states: Among the problems reported from Tuesday: poll workers quizzing voters […]
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