Day One Wrap-Up: Progressive Communicators Network

At the end of Day One, I attended a terrific reception co-sponsored by the Institute for Public Accuracy, Progressive Communicators Network, Project Think Different, Public News Service, The Praxis Project. The short program during the reception focused on “Powerful Results from the Grassroots.” I was lucky enough to connect with the Progressive Communicators Network (PCN)Continue reading “Day One Wrap-Up: Progressive Communicators Network”

Diversity Matters in Media Ownership

In a panel titled Race and Gender Matter in Media Ownership, two speakers in particular touched on issues of interest: Angela Campbell, with the Georgetown Institute for Public Representation, touched on the relationships between pending lawsuits related to diversity in media ownership with the Grutter/Gratz and the Louisville/Seattle school cases. She didn’t go into tooContinue reading “Diversity Matters in Media Ownership”