Social Networking and Political Change

“Bubbling Up: MySpace, YouTube, Social Networking and Political Change” was a session about how these and other similar services are making an impact in online activism. Moderated by nonprofit entrepreneur Allison Fine, the panelists included James Rucker, of, Dina Kaplan of BlipTV and Joan “McJoan” McCarter of DailyKos. Some of the more interesting points:Continue reading “Social Networking and Political Change”

Wireless Internet: Community, Municipal, Corporate

Panelists of this session discussed the developments in municipal and Community Internet and the use of the public airwaves for wireless broadband. The session content examined the technologies, politics and policies involved, both locally and nationally, in increasing access to and ownership of affordable, high-speed Internet — particularly among underserved communities. The presentation by SaschaContinue reading “Wireless Internet: Community, Municipal, Corporate”

Blog Coverage of the Conference

Postings from blogs about the media reform conference: Veteran television journalist Bill Moyers opened the National Conference for Media Reform Friday with praise for’s grassroots campaign to keep the Internet open and fair for all comers. – Save the Internet [Democracy Now co-host Juan} Gonzalez, who comes across both on the screen and inContinue reading “Blog Coverage of the Conference”