This Week in White Supremacy, Week #111: What happened to the Senators who voted to acquit Johnson

Michael Harriot on Twitter: “Back then, there were 54 Senators (the old racist states hadn’t rejoined yet), which meant they needed 36 votes to convict Johnson. They got 35. No senator who voted to acquit Johnson ever held an elective office again.”

“Grave Dereliction of Duty,” Coalition of National Advocacy Groups Issues Statement on Senate Vote to Acquit President Trump

A coalition of national advocacy groups representing millions of people issued a statement castigating the U.S. Senate for voting to acquit President Trump.  Led by Free Speech For People, the statement is co-signed by: By the People, Center for Popular Democracy, Common Defense, Equal Justice Society, Greenpeace USA, Progressive Democrats of America, Revolving Door Project, and Women’s March.

Amalee Beattie and Josh Cottle to Join EJS as Summer Law Clerks

Amalee Beattie, a 1L at Berkeley Law, and Josh Cottle, a 2L at University of Minnesota Law School, will join the Equal Justice Society as summer law clerks on May 26. EJS summer law clerks perform legal research, writing, and analysis in the areas of civil rights and racial justice. They may also include assist with […]
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This Week in White Supremacy #110: The Root – Here’s How Many People Police Killed in 2019

The Root: Here’s How Many People Police Killed in 2019: “After we sorted through the data, here are some other startling facts about 2019’s officer-involved killings: A black person was three-and-a-half times more likely to be killed by cop than a white person. A Hispanic person was one-and-a-half times more likely to be killed by […]
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Lisa Holder on ABA Webinar ‘Education as Preparation for Civic Participation’

UPDATE FEBRUARY 3, 2020: The recording of the webinar is embedded below and additional resources are posted on the ABA website. Lisa Holder, Of Counsel to the Equal Justice Society, will be one of the speakers on a webinar sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice. The webinar, “The […]
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