Learn More, Discuss Panel on Unconscious Bias and Media Coverage

Thank you to those UNITY convention participants who attended our panel today on unconscious bias and media coverage featuring panelists Carole Simpson, Eva Paterson, Jack Dovidio and Roosevelt Thomas. Please post comments here with your feedback on the panel, any questions and other thoughts.

Here’s some additional reading on the topic if you’d like to learn more. The pieces were written by Sally Lehrman, freelance writer and diversity chair for the Society of Professional Journalists.

Believing Is Seeing: Optical Illusions and Social Stereotypes: To challenge your own assumptions, you have to recognize them. An exercise in observation can help.

Why Race-Based Data Matters: New research suggests that even as overt discrimination wanes in American society, racism has persisted in more subtle ways.

The Implicit Prejudice: Mahzarin Banaji can show how we connect “good” and “bad” with biased attitudes we hold, even if we say we don’t. Especially when we say we don’t.

Also check out Sally’s new book, “News in New America.”

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