Goodbye and Thank You, Sara Jackson!

It’s with a mixture of sadness and joy that we say farewell to our staff attorney, Sara Jackson, who will be moving to Washington, D.C., with her partner, Danielken Molina.

A few weeks ago, Sara came into my office to let me know that she and her fiancé, Danielken, were moving to D.C., where he recently was hired for a new job. The couple had been growing their relationship long-distance and the work opportunity in our nation’s capital would finally allow them to enjoy life living in the same place.

As an incurable romantic, I was thrilled for Sara and Danielken. As the head of EJS, I was deeply saddened to lose Sara.

Sara is that wonderful blend of an amazing advocate and a wonderful human being. Since her days as a Motley Fellow, she has been an invaluable part of the team here. Her work and her soul are in large part responsible for our success.

Last month was particularly eventful for Sara. She learned on March 23 that a judge had granted summary judgement in our Caltrans contracting case. She and Motley Fellow Fabián Rentería labored many hours on that case, working weekends and long evenings. Sara’s understanding and advocacy of the implicit bias work we have championed here at EJS was instrumental in this wonderful outcome. Later that day, she got to see our friend and colleague Michael Begert sworn in as a Superior Court Judge here in San Francisco. Prior to his appointment, Michael had been part of the Caltrans litigation team.

We have very mixed feelings about our dear Sara’s next move. Love trumps work, so we are happy for her. But we will miss her dearly.

Sara’s last day with us will be May 12, after which she can be reached at

All of us are profoundly grateful to you, Sara, for your fantastic work here. We wish you the absolute best in this next chapter of your life and remain proud that you will always be part of the EJS family.

– Eva

P.S. – Will you join us in recognizing Sara’s efforts and achievements during her time here at the Equal Justice Society? Donate to EJS in her honor!

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