EJS at Netroots Nation ’11

The Equal Justice Society will be at Netroots Nation, the country’s top gathering of progressive online activists, taking place this week in Minneapolis from June 16-19.

EJS President Eva Paterson will join a panel organized by Alliance for Justice on “The Corporate Court: Your Rights vs. Corporate Interests” and Keith Kamisugi and Taz Ahmed will co-chair the Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus at the gathering.

Every year, the Netroots Nation convention provides progressive activists and candidates for office a forum to strengthen the online community and grow the progressive movement while inspiring action and growing new ideas to affect change.

EJS is proud to again invest in the success of this year’s Netroots Nation and support their efforts to advance progressive change.

Panel: “The Corporate Court: Your Rights vs. Corporate Interests”
Saturday, June 18, 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
Room L 100 H in Minneapolis Convention Center

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Nan Aron (Alliance for Justice), Dahlia Lithwick (Slate), Eva Paterson (Equal Justice Society) and Carl Pope (Sierra Club) will address the growing influence of corporations within the American judicial system, particularly in the Supreme Court.

Under Chief Justice John Roberts, an activist conservative majority on the Court has aggressively weakened or eliminated consumer protections and workers’ rights, while restricting the ability of everyday Americans to use the courts to find justice.

With several important Supreme Court decisions expected this summer, and with conservatives continuing their long-planned efforts to capture the judicial system, the panel will examine what’s at stake for the American people and our democracy, as well as the need for progressives to pay significantly increased attention to the courts and the selection of judges.

Here’s Facebook links to the panel, our AAPI Caucus and to Eva Paterson’s new Facebook page.

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