Connecting the Dots: A Supreme Court Broken

The end of the Supreme Court’s 2010-2011 term was marked in part by a series of recent developments and revelations highlighting the dire state of the Supreme Court, an institution that should be a fair and impartial forum for justice. The Court has instead become increasingly damaged, especially with landmark decisions such as in DukesContinue reading “Connecting the Dots: A Supreme Court Broken”

EJS at Netroots Nation ’11

The Equal Justice Society will be at Netroots Nation, the country’s top gathering of progressive online activists, taking place this week in Minneapolis from June 16-19. EJS President Eva Paterson will join a panel organized by Alliance for Justice on “The Corporate Court: Your Rights vs. Corporate Interests” and Keith Kamisugi and Taz Ahmed willContinue reading “EJS at Netroots Nation ’11”

Sotomayor Confirmation: ‘Momentous Step Forward for the Court and Our Country’

The Senate confirmed Judge Sonia Sotomayor this afternoon, 68-31, making her the 111th Supreme Court Justice, only the third female Justice, and the first Latina to serve on our nation’s highest court. As a prosecutor, litigator, and trial and appellate judge, Judge Sotomayor brings more federal judicial experience to the Supreme Court than any justiceContinue reading “Sotomayor Confirmation: ‘Momentous Step Forward for the Court and Our Country’”